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Nationwide 1-2-1 Protection Dog Training


Personal Protection Dogs UK

We provide professional protection dog training. We also offer obedience training on a 121 UK-wide basis and personal protection training for all breeds.

We undertake residential dog training for obedience, problem dogs and dogs with behavioural problems from 12 weeks old. Dogs must be fully vaccinated before coming to our kennels. We also undertake 1-2-1 and residential dog training for all breeds of dog.

We start at a basic level of training where the dog is taught to obedience training right up to specialist training such as personal protection; this includes real life scenario training at your home or business premises.

Training Facilities

We provide nationwide dog sales and dog training services, but we also have a dedicated dog training facility based in Sheffield (Yorkshire), please find address details below:

Hollin Busk lane, Deepcar, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S36 1QP

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Dog Training Qualification
Dog Training Qualification
Dog Training Qualification
protection dog training qualification

Family Protection Dogs

We are a family run firm and parents of two wonderful children age 3 and 5 years. The dogs that we sell and train are 100% safe and trustworthy with our kids. My 3 year old son is our youngest trainee trainer and enjoys taking the dogs for walks in the parks under supervision. We are parent’s first and business people second!

Our highly trained protection dogs will bring a comforting sense of security to your home and also the companionship of a beloved pet. You deserve the peace of mind that only a Protection Dog Training personal protection dog can give you.

Our dogs are sourced from a family environment.

When your dog is settled and happy with its new environment, we will provide a 3 monthly follow up training session with one of our instructors, this can be at our kennels. This follow up lesson is included in the purchase price of your dog, subsequent lessons will be charged for pro rata, if required.

24hr life time support on all our dogs that we train and supply

We can supply German Shepherd dogs from 12 weeks to 24 months old. We also supply dogs for police prisons and international government services

If you would like to discover more about the family protection dogs we have for sale or the residential puppy/dog obedience training we offer across Birmingham, Manchester, Sheffield, Cheshire, Leeds, Bradford, and Yorkshire, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

About Us

Untrained dogs

These dogs are tested for ball drive and also tested to stand up to a threat, these dogs are from £1000 these will be suitable for personal protection dogs and also police dogs.

Gsd puppies

Puppies are from 9 week and we work with top class breeders in the UK that can supply sort coat and long coat puppies that are kennel club registered and occasional we breed our own German shepherds.

Foundation obedience trained dogs

this category of training involves to speak on command walking on and off lead also to be sociable with other dogs horses and live stock and receive 6 weeks of obedience training price is from £2,500.

Family protection dog

This category involves 8 weeks training for on and off lead speak on command defend you from been attacked by an aggressive person or protect your property from forced entry prices start from £3,500.

Executive protection dog

This is category receives 12 week of training covering obedience on and off lead speak on command protection from gun fire and other weapons and will be able to deal with more than one attacker these dogs will also be sociable with horses and live stock and also real life situations and kidnap, stalkers and aggravated burglary and car jacking From £6,000

We are a family-run business that specialises in training personal protection dogs for families, we offer a training package including supply and training of the dog starting from £2,500

As parents of two young children, we understand the needs of a personal protection dog for a family.