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Personal Protection Dogs For Sale

  • A deposit of 20% is required for any Dog Sale
  • Dog sales suitable for police, prisons  and protection dog training course from £1,000
  • Family Pet Obedience trained (speak on command) dogs: from £4,000
  • Family Personal Protection Dogs from £6,000 – £16,000
  • We provide a personal and bespoke service – we are training for the working family
  • We are a family run business and we would not sell a family protection dog that is not safe with our own children
  • All personal protection dogs are between 12 weeks & 36 months old
  • All dogs receive two independent veterinary checks
  • All dogs come fully vaccinated, micro chipped, health certificate & pet passport
  • All dogs are independently checked by ex-police dog handlers or instructors
  • All dogs come with 4 weeks aftercare support if needed (at home or workplace)
  • We have an exchange policy but any refund will be subject to our terms and conditions. The dog can be exchanged within the first month only
  • Personal protection dogs (German Shepherds) available from 12 week old to 3 years old
  • All dogs UK sourced

If you are looking for personal protection dogs and family protection dogs for sale, please do not hesitate to give us a call.

Can’t find the dog you are looking for? Dogs are available on request, please CONTACT US

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