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At Personal Protection Dogs our dogs and customers come first, please find a selection of testimonials/reviews we have received from our customers over the years below.

Many thanks for bringing Billy a fifteen month old very handsome German Shepherd Dog to my home. He is very well behaved, has a very pleasing temperament and has settled with me very well. Thank you for giving me some assistance and advice with him I am looking forward to being associated with you and caring for Billy for some time to come.
David Mokes - Barnsley, Yorkshire
Tj has been working with PPD since he was 6 months old and he is a fantastic family member but knows how to protect when needed.
Mel Simpson - Sheffield, Yorkshire, Your Content Goes Here
I think personal protection dogs is a great business I would highly recommend that you take up the service that is offered I’m very happy with what they have done with my dog thanks to Robert and his team for the hard work.
Thomas Heald - Leeds, Yorkshire, Your Content Goes Here

We have the sweetest, GSD from personal protection dogs. She’s so clever and has settled into our family life with 4 children very well. If we had room for more we’d definitely use PPD again. Thank you so much

Louisa Williams - Scotland, Your Content Goes Here
I am disabled living alone and wanted a dog for a companion. After much research into different breeds I went for a Boston terrier. (Vasgo). Like all puppies he is full of beans. and proved a bit of a handful for me. Jumping up and trying to show me who was taking who for a walk. I answered an advert in my local mail for a dog trainer. Being of limited mobility i felt that dog training classes wasn’t an option for me. I had a meeting with Mr Metcalf which was a great idea my chance to see if he was the right man for the job. as there are a lot of chancers who think they are good trainers!!! Mr Metcalf put me at ease asked me what I wanted for our needs. With no pressure on my decision. This was week two of Vasgo’s training and he has started to be a different dog. I was amazed as to how he has come on. He seems to be a different dog. I am pleased that It looks like I made the right choice.
Lance Greenwood - Hull, Yorkshire, Your Content Goes Here
I have known Mr Robert Metcalfe in a variety of capacities for many years. He has worked for me since September 2011 in various security rolls and a personal trainer for our security dog, Zac. Zac was supplied by Robert and he is a great asset for our business. We have been victims of armed robbery’s in the past, but since Robert supplied us with a guard dog we have had no problems since! Robert is organized, efficient, extremely competent and has an excellent rapport with people of all ages. His communication skills are excellent. I highly recommend Robert as a professional dog handler. If you have any further questions with regard to her background or qualifications, please do not hesitate to call me.
Rajesh Pattni - Leicester, Midlands, Your Content Goes Here
I purchased Merlin from Rob 3 years ago. An executive personal protection dog for my family and me. As i work in the security and close protection industry. I am very happy to recommend Rob and his company Personal Protection Dogs.
Jimmy Nail - Manchester, North West, Your Content Goes Here
I am severely disabled and use a disability scooter. After being attacked four times and the police not helping in any way shape or form, I decided to get a protection dog as my Labrador, Poppy, is of course not meant to do a job like this. After searching the net for some time and contacting some companies, I decided to go with Personal Protection Dogs. My reason being that Robert was so easy to talk to, having reasonable prices and most importantly was interested to get me the right sister for my dog Poppy. He choose Senta a German Shepherd dog. When Senta went to training I felt unprotected but now she is fully trained! Robert also sourced another fully trained German Shepherd, Jess, and she slotted into our family like she had always been with me. Now I have two executive protection dogs on my side and feel very safe! If you think about getting a best friend and protector for you or your family, I can highly recommend Robert
Gabby - Leicester, Midlands, Your Content Goes Here
Simon is shown here with Sky and Rex that he purchased from protection dog training. Simon can be contacted on : 07956 571599 2010
Simon - Bicester, Oxfordshire, Your Content Goes Here
this is toby 18 month old level 1 personal protection dog, sold to an existing client who has a fencing business in leeds west yorkshire, his previous dog past away in which we supplied for a testimonial speak to will direct to his mobile 07833786186. Dog sold in 2010.
Toby - Leeds, Yorkshire, Your Content Goes Here
Mojo is trained to executive personal protection level 3 and was a Czech Republic import and supplied to a family in Warwickshire in 2009. Johnathan his owner will be more than happy to speak to anyone with any questions. He can be contacted on : 07766 914553 or 07824 591635
Mojo - Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, Your Content Goes Here

Jaffa was sold in 2009 to Richard and Joe as a Level 2 personal protection dog. As a family pet and a also to work in a public house. Richard is happy to speek to any protectial clients please call 07917005651.

Jaffa - Holmefirth, Yorkshire, Your Content Goes Here

Hi Rob, I have bought Buck from Mr Rob Metcalf as a personal protection dog as well as a family dog in 2007 and we are very pleased with him in every way. It is as if we have had him forever and it has only been a couple of weeks. His behaviour has been perfect and if I ever needed another dog I would have another trained dog from Rob. I would be happy to reccomend Rob and his services.
Yours Thankfully, P.A Worthington.

Pat - Bicester, Oxfordshire, Your Content Goes Here
In January 2006, I had 2 options with Bailey, my large rescue Doberman, put him to sleep at the request of the local parish council, or figure out a way to save him. I had tried obedience classes, special workshops, and some one to one training but Bailey was profoundly disturbed. He was exceptionally aggressive at any moving objects but particularly dogs and bicycles and had pulled me across car bonnets on more than one occasion trying to attack a child’s wheeled buggy or bicycle. He’d also attacked other dogs and turned on me if he couldn’t get to them. A good-natured dog in the house he was an evil menace outdoors. Rob specialises in training dogs for security and personal protection. All I wanted was a dog I could walk without returning home in tears. What I’ve ended up with is a dog I can walk in a crowded place, past other dogs and bicycles, comfortable in the knowledge that I can retrieve the situation if he does decide to “have a go”. In addition, I also have a dog that is now trained to police standards, speak on command and passive site work, working in environments with plenty of distractions and physical threats. He’s not perfect, but he’s a totally different dog to what he was.
There are loads of dog trainers in the UK who claim to work with last resort difficult dogs, or defensive guarding breeds like “Dobes” and “Rotties”. But as an ordinary mortal and without police resources available to me, I’ve not found a single one in my search that’s achieved what Rob has with my dog. Bailey is still alive – and I have a great dog – thanks to him.
Hannah - Uxbridge, London
Dan was looking for a German Shepherd suitable for his ten-year-old son that needed to be of an excellent temperament and a high standard of obedience. After spending many hours driving around the country and visiting many kennels and training agencies, he arranged to meet us in Milton Keynes with his wife and family. There he met Danny Green and his dog Buddy who was doing a security patrol dog course with us. As a result of this meeting he purchased Bear from us. We then arranged for two more follow up sessions at Milton Keynes and two more with Dan and his family at his home in Kent. Danny is happy to speak to potential clients looking for an obedient family pet. (Please contact us for details)
Dan - Sittingbourne, Kent, Your Content Goes Here
I would like to thank you on your excellent efforts, and time, that you’ve put into helping me with my Doberman Leo. His obedience and overall behaviour is much better and has shown that he can do the protection work as well. You’re very fair but firm with him and always very professional. Money well spent and he’s still a great dog, but just listens more, thank you for all your help.
Best regards, Vito.
Vito - Bedford, Bedfordshire, Your Content Goes Here
We supplied John Jones with Ozzy who is trained to an executive level of personal protection. He is not only a first class protection dog but also a great friend to John’s son. John is more than happy to recommend protection dog training to anyone looking for a top quality protection dog. If you would like to speak to John about Ozzy you can do so by ringing 01380 724677. John was so happy with his first dog he has now purchased a 2nd dog from us. Roy and Brunel came to us for training as Brunel had problems with dog aggression and generally bad behaviour. They have both been trained by our instructor Rob, and Brunel is now very well behaved and is a pleasure to own.
John - Devizes, Wiltshire, Your Content Goes Here
Gus is a German Shepherd who is currently being trained by Rob for obedience. Gus belongs to Liz and Pete. Before contacting us they took Gus to Roger Monkford, celebrity dog trainer and behavioural expert, Jan Farrell, and a host of other trainers but had to walk away with no results. They even had him placed on the K9 version of Valium to calm him down. We have done approximately 5 training sessions and have turned Pete’s, Liz’s and Gus’s lives round to the pleasant side of dog ownership. If you wish to speak to Liz and Pete you can do so on : 01424 774166 Ask for Liz or Pete regarding Gus.
Gus - Hastings, East Sussex, Your Content Goes Here
We are the proud owners of a 12 month old German Shepard named Zac who, in 2005, could be a bit of a handful. He is just so playful and boisterous and I was finding him just a little hard work to handle, especially on the lead. A couple of months ago we contacted The Dog Listener who came to us and told us to just ignore him, I know it looks good on the TV, but how could you correct Zac by ignoring the problem as he didn’t realise there was anything wrong and also we found it difficult to ignore Zac completely as he is part of the family. We then saw an advert in the paper for Rob’s operational support, and thought it’s worth a try so Rob could train us for us to train Zac.
We decided to book a 10-week training course and within the 1st week we had already noticed a difference in Zac and the way he behaved. Zac has calmed down a lot and we feel more in control. At the end of our training course, I am sure I will be able to take Zac anywhere and know that I feel 100{876c4629d14b1ec92d5aa6ad81038587e9af3707bb207286182750cebab9558a} confident. It will be a pleasure to show everyone what a good, obedient dog we have. Contacting Rob was one of the best things we have ever done and without his help and confidence in us, and Zac, we would have been at a loss. Thanks Rob for all your hard work and advice, Thanks
Zac, Your Content Goes Here

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