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Aggressive Dog Training

Dog Training for Aggressive Dogs

With over 40 years’ combined experience of all types and aspects of dog training across the world, our trainers are fully equipped to provide aggressive dog training. Based in Nottingham, our fully qualified team provide professional, one-to-one training services throughout the UK.

Whether your dog is growling, snapping or biting at other dogs or people, aggressive or reactive behaviour in dogs can be stressful, and can become a severe problem if left unchecked. This behaviour will not go away on its own. But the team at Personal Protection Dogs are here to help. Our professional trainers can help to identify the cause of your dog’s aggression, and work on managing their behaviour.

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Redirected Aggression Dog Training

Redirected aggression can be a particular problem, as this behaviour can happen seemingly without warning, in animals that might not ordinarily be aggressive. That’s why we offer redirected aggression dog training, to help improve your time and relationship with your dog.

Redirected aggression happens when a dog is excited or frustrated at something, such as another dog, which they cannot reach. Your dog may then take out that frustration on others which they can reach, such as other dogs or their owner.

Our professional trainers can help identify potential triggers for your dog’s frustration and aggression, to help get to the root of the issue. Once the cause of the aggression has been identified, we can then work towards proactively solving the issue through training and behaviour management.

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