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American Bulldog Training


American Bulldog Training

PD Dog School, based in Nottingham and serving the whole of the UK, are American Bulldog training specialists for obedience and protection training, working with puppies from ten weeks of age. Bulldogs were originally founded and bred in the British Isles, to participate in the now-banned bull-baiting. They were trained to crouch and grab the bull by the nose, so their short muzzle, pushed-in nose and stocky legs were characteristics that breeders looked for.

They are part of the Molosser group, which is a category of large dogs known for their wide chest and muscular statures, originating from an Ancient Greecian shepherd dog known as the Molossus. As a medium-sized dog, they are deceptively strong but can be very gentle and form strong bonds with children, which makes them ideal family pets. They’re courageous and fiercely loyal, so it’s important to undertake professional American Bulldog Training to ensure their behaviour is excellent.

Training options include:

  • Basic obedience
  • Intermediate/advanced obedience
  • Person protection training
  • Executive protection training