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Dog Obedience Training

Expert Obedience Classes

Personal Protection Dogs, based in Nottingham, offer one-to-one dog obedience training across the UK for all breeds. Prior to the start of training, we carry out an assessment to determine your dog’s skill level, commands they already respond to and assess what level of training is required.

Our obedience training will cover the basic commands, alongside more complex and advanced orders. We’ll ensure that they will learn to “sit”, “stay” and “down” alongside some recall training. Any other training requests can be made during your assessment.

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Puppy Training

Our dedicated puppy training, from twelve weeks old and above, will ensure that your dog will learn and maintain essential skills throughout their adult life. Socialising your puppy is essential to prevent unwanted aggression and shyness in public, so we’ll carry out environmental training in shopping centres, parks and busy streets to get them used to other people, animals and noise. It’s recommended that your puppy is socialised from a young age to reduce anxiety and promote good behaviour in every environment and situation.

Puppies are notorious for destroying everything in their path with their sharp teeth and nails, so our comprehensive dog obedience training will teach your dog not to chew and scratch furniture and fittings within your home.

Our obedience classes run for up to 20 weeks, depending on the level of training required. Complete the short contact form below to discuss our services and prices in more detail.

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