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If you are looking for personal protection dogs and family protection dogs for sale, please do not hesitate to give us a call.

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Dog sale Prices


Dogs Without Training

Doberman £1500
German Shepherd £1500

High ball drive

Will play tug of war

Safe with children

Good with other dogs

Good with live stock

Not frightened of loud noises

Suitable for service dogs

Police forces

Prison Service

Security Dog Handlers

Doberman fROM
German Shepherd From

German Shepherd Puppies From

Upgrade Options

Obedience & Foundation Course
(Optional Training from £250/week)

Personal Protection Course
(Optional Training from £250/week)

Dogs With Obedience & Foundation Training

On/Off lead training

Bark on command

Food refusal training

Obedience to police dog standard

Not trained to bite on command

Trained as a deterent dog

And guard your property

Doberman From £5000
German Shepherd From £5000

Upgrade Options

Personal Protection Course
(Optional Training from £250/week)



Dogs With Obedience & Protection Training

This includes:

On/Off lead training

Bark on command

Handler Protection training

Covert sleeve (dogs trained to bite covert sleeves)

Bite suit (Protection training on a full suit.)

Protection from physical attacks including weapons


Aggravated burglary

Anti-Kidnap Training

Bite Work Under Gunfire

Food refusal training

Doberman from £7000
German Shepherd from

Upgrade Options

Executive Protection Course
(Optional Training from £250/week)

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