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Executive Dog Training

Professional Dog Training

Welcome to the executive dog training page. Overseen by instructors with over 43 years of experience having trained over 35,000 dogs.

Executive dog training is available to all dog breeds and can be customised to each customer’s requirements.

We focus on training dogs to save your lives in real-life situations

For example:

  • Being mugged in the street
  • Aggregated burglary
  • Sons and Daughters walking safely on the streets without being afraid to be attacked by gangs
  • Protect against domestic abuse and violence
  • Aggregated car jacking

What’s involved with executive dog training:

  • 100% control on and off lead
  • Speak on command
  • Find lost property including keys, mobile phones and wallets…
  • Agility
  • Stay until told to move
  • Hold and detain
  • Out on command
  • Switch off and on
  • Perfect recall despite distraction
  • Not distracted by toys from strangers
  • Not to take food from strangers
  • To be able to travel in any mode of transport; bus, train, tube, helicopter, plane, etc.
  • trained to be bomb proof with children
  • 24/7 Life time support via mobile or WhatsApp.
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Executive Protection Dog

Training can take place at your home or on our site in Nottingham, daytime or nighttime. The training requires two instructors to do the training and is also recorded. The length of training will be determined after we have assessed your dog.

Before we start our training, an assessment is required to determine your dog’s skill level, and commands already learnt and to assess the level of training required. All executive training can only commence once the dog is at a high obedience level. We’ll also assess if they possess the right temperament to become an executive protection dog, as it would be unfair on both yourself and the animal if it doesn’t possess the right personality.