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Executive Dog Training

Professional Dog Training

Based in Nottingham, Personal Protection Dogs are a specialist executive dog training team working across the whole of the UK with puppies from twelve weeks old. Our professional team work with all breeds, including Belgian Malinois.

Before we begin our one-to-one professional dog training, it’s imperative that we carry out an assessment with your canine to assess their current skill level, know which commands they already respond to and determine the level of training needed. During the assessment, we’ll assess their temperament to ensure that they have the right personality for executive training and supply you with a free lead and collar to aid their development throughout the course.

We’ll start the course with obedience training and ensure that your dog responds to “sit”, “stay”, “down”, recall and food refusal. We’ll also ensure that they are fully socialised by visiting different public spaces to prevent unnecessary aggression and shyness.

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Executive Protection Dog

Once your dog has mastered the obedience training, we’ll move onto bite work with a covert sleeve and begin the executive protection dog training. We’ll teach your canine how to appropriately respond to threats of physical violence, especially with weapons, so we’ll complete part of the training under gunfire.

The executive dog training prepares them to respond swiftly to attackers or intruders, to keep you and your family safe should the worst happen. This level of training is essential for situations where the risk to property and personnel is higher than average, and it can provide complete peace of mind.

All of our training includes a full handover, to ensure that you feel confident handling and issuing commands, and that your canine obeys you. If you’d like to learn more about our training, complete the short contact form below and we’ll be in touch soon.

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