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Personal Protection Dogs

Personal Protection Dog Training

Based in Nottingham, PD Dog School are protection training specialists working across the UK with puppies from twelve weeks of age. Our skilled and experienced team work with all breeds of dogs, subject to vaccination and health checks.

Our Personal Protection Dog Training is a comprehensive, one-to-one obedience and one-to-one defence course, designed to train your dog to respond to threats against yourself, family members and property.

Before we start of our training, an assessment is required to determine your dog’s skill level, commands already learnt and to assess the level of training required. All personal protection training can only commence once the dog is at a high obedience level. We’ll also assess if they possess the right temperament to become a family protection dog, as it would be unfair on both yourself and the animal if it doesn’t possess the right personality.

*Assessments at our Training School are £125. *Assessment at your home starts from £180 depending on the distance travelled.

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Family Protection Dog

Our obedience training will cover basic commands such as “sit”, “stay”, “down”, recall, food refusal and full socialisation, which is an important aspect of keeping you and your family protection dog safe whilst in public. Once they have learnt to obey basic commands, we will begin bite work with a covert sleeve, alongside teaching your dog to protect against home invasion or attack. Our training includes a full handover, to ensure that they obey you and to teach you how to be a confident and firm handler.

Family protection dogs are trained to defend, not attack, in the case of physical threat, theft or intrusion. From celebrities and high profile individuals to business, home and landowners, personal protection dogs can provide their owners with feelings of comfort and protection, should the worst happen.

If you’d like to learn more about our personal protection dog training, complete the short contact form below to speak to a member of our team.