PTSD Dog Training

PTSD Dog Training

What is a PTSD Dog

Personal Protection Dogs, based in Nottingham, offer PTSD dog training across the UK. PTSD dogs are service dogs that assist with day to day living, assisting with specific tasks such as comforting during panic, anxiety and flashbacks, personal protection when out and about, waking from night terrors and responding to medication reminders/alerts; a companion brimming with unconditional love and support.

Why dog as PTSD assistant?

Dogs are able to draw out the most isolated of people, by engaging in the training a person with PTSD learns new ways to interact and communicate without fear or anger. Caring for a dog also provides routine and regular exercise, which helps greatly with the effects of PTSD.

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What is the effect of a PTSD service dog?

  • Regained independence, being able to get out and not staying locked away at home
  • Feel safe to leave the home and reengage with the community
  • Pride or a sense of achievement for completed tasks that once felt impossible
  • The ability to enjoy life again
  • The ability to meet new people and create lasting friendships
  • Happiness and relaxation

Is my dog suited to a support role?

We conduct a full day assessment of your dog, and let you know if we think they will be suited to the role. We also train and provide any breed, most popular being German Shepherds, Labradors and Spaniels. throughout the training process, you will be involved to allow you to build the required bond.

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