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Reactive Dog Training

Dog Training for Reactive Dogs

With over 40 years’ combined experience of all types and aspects of dog training across the world, our trainers are fully equipped to provide aggressive dog training. Based in Nottinghamshire, our fully qualified team provide professional, one-to-one training services throughout the UK.

Whether your dog is growling, snapping or biting at other dogs or people, aggressive or reactive behaviour in dogs can be stressful and can become a severe problem if I left unchecked. This behaviour will not go away on its own. The team at PD Dog School are here to help. Our professional trainers can help identify the cause of your dog’s aggression and work on managing their behaviour.

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Extraordinary Results

Our aggression specialist Janie found a passion in working with aggressive dogs after her own experience. She thrives on saving dogs that would otherwise be classed as dangerous or unmanageable. Her results are extraordinary, and her priority is always the dog’s welfare. Common forms of dog aggression:

  • Body language - if you dog is showing tensed body language with a low tail carriage, they are showing signs of dog aggression.
  • Avoidance - Aggressive dogs are prone to avoiding other dogs and humans by looking away, walking away or even hiding.
  • Yawning - Is your dog yawing repeatedly or licking their lips and nose often? These are signs of stress that can lead to aggression.
  • Movement - Constant growling at people is a major cause of embarrassment and stress. Train your dog to handle stress!
  • Biting and Snapping – The above behaviours if left unchecked could progress to biting and snapping if the dog is not properly trained.

For a phone consultation on aggression please call her directly on 07483377772.