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Security Dog Training

NASDU Dog Training

The nationally recognised Levels 2 and 3 NASDU awards for a general-purpose dog handler aim to provide the learner with the basic skills, knowledge and understanding required to ensure a professional level of service as a general-purpose security dog handler.

NASDU has developed this qualification to meet the training requirements contained within BS8517-1:2016.

For Relevant Persons This programme meets the requirements of those learners who have experience as security officers and wish to become general-purpose security dog handlers. It would also be suitable for His Majesties Armed Forces members or police/prison services who want to become general-purpose security dog handlers.

The minimum age for vocational training as a security dog handler is 18. The NASDU Level 2 Award for a General-Purpose Security Dog handler is endorsed by Highfield Awarding Body for Compliance (HABC), which is a recognised and regulated awarding organisation with OFQUAL, SQA, and SIA.

Course Duration Training would be delivered over several weeks and would be of sufficient duration to ensure competency, having a minimum of 60 guided learning hours (GLHs).

GLHs are recorded hours of direct training given to an individual learner and are not representative of the full duration of the course. Learners with an untrained dog should be prepared for additional hours of training and harness time with their dogs.

As a student of the course, you will learn how to handle a security dog correctly and the legislation and law surrounding security dogs and their handlers- this allows a handler to understand the specific laws to follow to avoid prosecution. We, therefore, take these laws extremely seriously in order to protect you not only from physical attack but also from legal prosecution.

As a student, you will learn the following:

  • Correct handling of the dog (British Standard 8517)
  • Obedience
  • Agility
  • Searching for persons and/or properties
  • Searching buildings for offenders
  • Protection
  • How and when to use your dog to defend against an attack

Our trainer is Mike Beasley; please see his profile for details of his experience as a police dog handler, protection dog trainer and NASDU instructor.

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Police Dog Style Training

Having been a police dog handler in Greater Manchester for 17 years, Mike is ideally placed to offer police dog style training.

Police dogs are required to be proficient in the following: Heelwork- always being under control on and off lead in both formal and informal working environments Property searching- being able to locate hidden articles within a given search area Agility- being able to jump a seven-foot-long jump, jump a three-foot hurdle, and scale a six-foot scrambling frame. Searching for hidden persons- finding concealed people to simulate a practical police dog search. Combined with these exercises are the legal implications of owning a dog trained to these standards and their lawful use.

The legal aspects of security/protection and police dog training are very important. Most companies employing non-police officers as trainers cannot give a thorough grounding in the correct use of these dogs. Misuse can result in imprisonment.

It is, therefore, of the utmost importance that you get the correct instruction and guidance regarding the law and the proper training to ensure that you and your dog are not vulnerable.