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Pet Dog Training

We offer pet dog obedience training for all breeds of dogs, starting from 12-week old puppies that are vaccinated to more mature dogs.

Pet Dog Obedience Training Classes

Our professional dog trainers and handlers provide a variety of well-structured residential pet training programmes for you and your pet. Our training services are suitable for all dog breeds and are available at different levels from puppy and obedience training to family protection dog training. Before we start to train your pet, we will provide a complete assessment of your dog and provide professional advice on the type of training required/recommended.

Professional Dog Trainers

Throughout our courses from the initial assessment to the final training session, we provide a caring and flexible approach. We really do care about the dogs we work with, as well as the owners. The welfare of a dog is key to us and a happy dog is always much easier to train. Because we really do appreciate and understand dog behaviour our experienced trainers can adapt our programme to ensure your requirements and the dog’s training are in harmony.

Note: We insist that all dogs we work with must be older than 12 weeks.

Pet Training Schedule:

Your dog will undergo a program for a minimum of 2 weeks depending on the full range of skills needed. Each training session is recorded by the trainer in a logbook and progress is noted and any issues highlighted too. The entries in this training logbook help us determine how to deal with any behavioral issues and how best to build on previous sessions.

Packages include nationwide collection and delivery covering issues such as;

  • behavior problems
  • dog aggression
  • pulling on lead
  • dogs chancing cars
  • food aggression

Pet & Puppy Obedience Training covers:

  • Basic and advanced obedience training
  • Puppy dog training
  • Puppy obedience training
  • Puppy protection
  • Dog training
  • Problem dogs
  • Problem dogs and owners


We offer very competitive rates from basic dog training to personal protection dog training.

Note: All prices are subject to client location and an initial assessment (assessment fee of £150).


We aim to provide Dog Obedience, Residential and Guard Dog training across the whole of the UK including; Birmingham, Cumbria, Essex, Kent, Lancashire, Leeds, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Midlands, Sheffield, Scotland, Wales, Wiltshire and Yorkshire.

Professional & Affordable Obedience Dog Training

Dogs In Action:

Need Help or Advice?

Need help? Professional Advice? Protection Dog Guidance? Simply fill in our contact form, email us or give us a quick phone and we will be happy to help. We can provide advice on all aspects of personal protection dog training, guard dog training, residential dog training, dog obedience training and more.

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