Service Dog Training

Personal Protection Dogs offer nationwide 1-2-1 service dog training for all breeds of dog, from 12 week old puppies upwards.

 Our service dog training includes basic obedience training to teach your dog to listen to commands such as; sit, stay and down as well as teaching them recall and food refusal. We will also ensure your dog is fully house trained.

Once the dog is trained to obey basic commands we will move on to begin training for whichever specialty you require. We offer a number of different training courses, including; search and rescue, victim recovery and both proactive and passive drug/explosive detection. All of our training includes a full handover to ensure the dog obeys you and also to teach you how to be a confident and firm dog handler.

As part of the course we carry out environmental training, this involves taking the dog to locations such as shopping centres, parks and busy streets to get them used to being around other people, animals and noises.

We are now able to offer dogs trained to assist people suffering from PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder), this training includes obedience training and the dog will also pass a public access course.

The courses we offer run for up to 20 weeks. Prices are available upon completion of an assessment.

Service Dog Training:


  • On and off lead training
  • Bark on command
  • Handler protection training
  • Covert sleeve/bite suit
  • Victim recovery
  • Search and rescue
  • Proactive and passive drug detection
  • Proactive and passive explosives detection
  • Food refusal training
  • General patrol/guard dog training
  • Security dog handling

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We provide dog obedience training, residential protection dog training, protection dog sales and guard dog training across the whole of the UK including; Birmingham, Cumbria, Essex, Kent, Lancashire, Leeds, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Midlands, Sheffield, Scotland, Wales, Wiltshire and Yorkshire

Mrs Whitaker - Belgian Malinois

Called Rob in desperation a few weeks ago after my, then 12 wk old, Belgian Malinois pup would jump at and bite anyone, whenever she felt like it, to the point I was unable to have her in the vicinity of my 5 and 6-year-old children.

Rob came for an assessment within 2 days of my call and we saw instant results, these slipped slightly in the week between lessons and she managed to jump in through the window from the garden and bit our 5yo. Rob was quick to get in touch and took her for 3 days residential training and she has been fantastic since. We still have a long way to go but our 6yo can now walk her unaided and they will sit together for cuddles. (still working on the 5yo confidence). No temperament seems to be too much for Rob, I swear he’s some sort of miracle-worker! Can’t wait to see the final results when she completes her course!

Mrs Whitaker - Belgian Malinois

Danny a wayward wild biter

Brilliant trainer saved my Danny Boy a wayward wild biter, no one else would go near that dog. Rob turned him around and did some amazing things.

After some training he went to London regularly as a demo dog and Dan would happily sit amongst busy crowds minding his own business…a child approached my dog on one occasion and stroked Danny…it was amazing to watch as the dog rolled onto his back and let it play with him….yeah this man can and does train and rehabilitate dogs.

I would recommend him and if necessary ask for his help again without any hesitation. THANKS, ROB FOR SAVING DANNY.

Danny a wayward wild biter

Janie Armstrong

Doberman training

We have our family Doberman being family protection trained he’s 5 weeks in and we have noticed a big difference in him he’s gone from being a live wire running everywhere 100mph to a calm obedient dog. He’s enjoying his work too when he gets picked up by Rob he gets all excited so we know he’s happy to be going. We have had YouTube clips sent on a regular basis showing us what he’s been doing and a regular report. Very pleased with everything so far looking forward to the finished product.

Doberman training

Shane Buchanan

Bruno the Belgium Malinois

It’s fascinating watching an excitable dog that wants to run in 3 directions at once as if it’s lead and owner don’t exist go from that to walking to heel, obeying one-word commands and looking eager for more within the first hour of dedicated training

I’ve recently started working as a security dog handler and the one on one training and group training sessions I’ve had so far are not only a lot of fun for me and Bruno (16 months Belgium Malinois) but he responds much more sharply to his commands with every session and there’s always a little something new
It’s clear to see even only after a couple of months with him that I will have a police standard personal protection dog within a few more months.
Very happy ???? highly recommended ????

Bruno the Belgium Malinois

Darren Ebanks

Boxer dog training

We have had 3 weeks training with our twin 15-month-old Boxer Boys and the difference already has been remarkable!

We struggled to walk them at all due to their excessive pulling and now we can walk them both using one hand! We’re so excited to see how they can progress over the next few weeks and can’t thank Rob enough for the differences we’ve seen in them already.

Boxer dog training

Leah Barlow

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