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XL Bulldog Training

Our senior trainer Rob loves and specialises in XL Bullies, and will travel anywhere in the UK to help this misunderstood breed. Rob has personally trained the Grandson of the famous Hulk from Dark Dynasty Kennels in America.

Training a Bulldog is different to training a German Shepherd and requires specific knowledge of the breed to get the best out of them. Bulldogs are kind and courageous, but they shouldn’t be vicious or aggressive without command, so proper socialisation is vital. With a stubborn streak in the breed, Bulldog obedience training is vital to ensure bad habits are kept at bay. Bulldogs grow from a cute cuddle puppy to a 45-55kg, strong powerful dog very quickly. It’s important to assert yourself as the ‘pack leader’, so our training will ensure your bulldog obeys your command and that you feel confident handling your dog.

Dogs In Action

We work hard with each dog in our care to provide bespoke and tailored training, perfectly suited to your dog’s temperament and future role. Take a look at our dogs in action below.

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Bully Obedience

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Puppy Dog Training

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Bulldog Protection

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XL Bully Obedience Training

We believe in positive reinforcement and we do not use compulsion methods such as e-collars nor prong collars. Similarly we see lots of Bullies with harnesses on. Harnesses are used to encourage a dog to pull so we use influence collars to help shape behaviours.

We’ll begin with environmental training, ensuring your dog is fully socialised to prevent unwanted aggression or shyness in public spaces. Our basic obedience training will see your dog correctly responding to “sit”, “stay”, “down”, recall and food refusal commands, and once mastered they will move onto more specialised training for protection or service. If you’d like to learn more about our Bulldog training, call us directly 24/7 or use our WhatsApp.